420 000 metric tons of avoided primary resources consumptions through take back at end of use by 2025 since 2017

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Terms of the action or commitment

Schneider Electric quantifies its Circular Economy efforts, such as repair, reuse, refurbish and recycling and targets to avoid 420 000 metric tons of primary resource consumption through “take-back at end-of-use” by 2025, cumulatively since 2017. This program enables waste, material, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and/or water savings. Activities in this program will enrich on the basis of the Group’s increasing focus on circularity business models, and are currently constituted of:

– Batteries take back and recycling;
– Volume of devices refurbished and repaired in our repair centers (such as UPS or Drives);
– Volume of Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Transformers refurbished or recycled in our ECOFIT™ Centers.

Additionally to that program, Schneider Electric launched the “Circular Certified” label for the French market in September 2020. The label is dedicated to the sale and promotion of products from the circular economy and in line with the Group’s circular economy strategy. Currently available for the French market, it is planned to be deployed more extensively in the near future.

Levers mobilized for circular economy (according to Ademe)

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Implementation timeline

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Main actors mobilized

Internal actors

Businesses, Filed services, Global Supply Chain

External actors

Local partners (maintenance, repair, recycling), reverse logistics

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