Implementation of a plastics recycling policy

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Terms of the action or commitment

Between 2020 and 2023, reduce the amount of plastics used to package process liquids and to package products or equipment, and recycle 100% of them. (These plastics are not a part of the production process).

Based on a detailed identification of the nature of the plastics used, establish a recycling policy adapted to the territorial level by identifying ad hoc channels with a double objective of reducing the quantities implemented and recycling 100% of the consumption. The action of identifying sources and recovery routes was carried out in 2020. The objectives will be set in 2021.

Levers mobilized for circular economy (according to Ademe)

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Implementation timeline

Starting year


Ending year


Main actors mobilized

Internal actors

Site directors, Environment department

External actors

Suppliers, customers, Waste collectors and processors

Geographic area

Key factories (France, Germany, USA, Brazil & China)

Photo / Video

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2022 follow-up of the action

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Date of follow-up

End 2021

Methods of validation of the follow-up

Follow up done internally

Status of the action

In progress


a) Results


Partially achieved

Not achieved


Comparison with the projected pace in the last publications

Keeping up with the times

In advance


Partial / Final results
End of 2021, 98% of industrial plastic used for the packaging were recycled or reused. The 100% rate can never be reached because some contaminated plastics cannot be recycled or reused without risk. The amount of plastic is 238 tons in 2021 versus 323 tons in 2020.
Company's comments
Vallourec asks its suppliers to reduce their plastic packaging. In addition, Vallourec has developed an offer to recover and recycle the plastic protectors delivered with Vallourec Tubes to our customers. This “Seconf Life Protector” project makes it possible to reduce the impact on the environment and thus reduce our purchases of plastic materials.

Company's others commitments :