By 2030: initiatives will be launched to support recycling in 10 key markets

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Terms of the action or commitment

Most packaging waste produced by the Group’s activities is generated after final consumption of products. The key issue is therefore to improve waste sorting solutions for consumers so that packaging can be recycled or reused. Pernod Ricard has set up or joined various programmes worldwide to improve recycling or reuse packaging

– Europe: Group contribution of around €10 million to national schemes designed to improve the collection and recycling of domestic packaging, including glass;
– United States: joined the “Glass Recycling Coalition” to foster efficient and economically viable recycling channels by involving all players in the chain (glass manufacturers, bottlers, recycling service providers, etc.);
– Brazil: joined the “Glass is Good” project, designed to increase the glass recycling rate by involving all industry players.
– Projects are being explored with local partners in 10 key markets (India, US, Canada, China, France, Brazil, Spain, Russia, South Africa and Poland) to increase glass collection
– Over 95% of the Group’s primary and secondary packaging (by weight) is made from material recyclable at scale (Glass, Carboard, PET) (SASB). Royal Salute switched from porcelain to glass bottles for recyclability purpose

Levers mobilized for circular economy (according to Ademe)

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Implementation timeline

Starting year


Ending year


Main actors mobilized

Internal actors

Sustainability & Responsibility (CSR)
Public Affair

External actors

Local autorities, experts, waste operators and environmental organisations

Geographic area

10 markets : India, USA, Canada, China, France, Brazil, Spain, Russia, South Africa and Poland

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