Improve the energy and environmental efficiency of Valeo’s operations

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Terms of the action or commitment

Two indicators are used to monitor this commitment:

– 2.1. Water consumption as a percentage of sales, with a target of a 9% reduction by 2025, starting from 197 m3/€M in 2019;

– 2.2. Energy efficiency of the Group’s activities, with a target of -6% in 2025 (scope 1 and 2).

Improving the efficiency of its production is a pillar of Valeo’s sustainable development strategy. The Group has set indicators for its consumption, particularly of water and energy.

On the one hand, the Valeo Group has set itself the objective of reducing its water consumption relative to its sales (m3/M€). It will amount to 197 m3/M€ in 2019. The objective for 2025 is a 9% reduction, i.e. water consumption of less than 185 m3/M€ relative to sales. To achieve this reduction target, the Group has decided to close several direct groundwater withdrawals from 2022, in order to encourage Valeo sites to reduce their consumption, and to extend the use of closed-loop installations to all Valeo sites.

The energy efficiency of the Group’s activities is measured by its energy consumption in relation to its sales. The benchmark is energy consumption relative to sales in 2019 (142 MWh/M€). The Group’s objective is to achieve a 6% reduction by 2025. The optimization of energy performance management is also accompanied by the achievement of ISO 50001 certification for a growing number of production sites. In 2019, 18% of Valeo sites obtained ISO 50001 certification. The target set for 2025 is 40%.

These indicators were already included in the objectives set under Valeo’s previous environmental plan for the previous period, from 2015 to 2020. They are included in Valeo’s new carbon plan for 2050 (CAP 50 plan), which structures Valeo’s commitment to reducing all of its CO2 emissions (scope 1, 2 and 3) and to developing electrification and reduced carbon impact technologies. The CAP 50 plan sets medium-term objectives (2025, 2030) and  long-term objectivs (2050)

Levers mobilized for circular economy (according to Ademe)

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