In 2020, conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) of fuel systems.

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Terms of the action or commitment

Since 2019, Plastic Omnium has started a comprehensive life cycle assessment process for fuel systems.

The challenge is to obtain a dynamic mapping, through a parametric model, of the levers that can be used to reduce environmental impact (supply of bio-sourced and recycled materials, transport distances, energy efficiency of production tools, supply of green energy, use and end of life/recycling).

Levers mobilized for circular economy (according to Ademe)

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Implementation timeline

Starting year


Ending year


Main actors mobilized

Internal actors

Engineering departments

External actors

University of Brussels (VUB), PlasFuelSys Association (EUPC)

Geographic area

Europe first, then the United States and China

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2022 follow-up of the action

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Date of follow-up


Methods of validation of the follow-up

internal validation

Status of the action

In progress


a) Results


Partially achieved

Not achieved


Comparison with the projected pace in the last publications

Keeping up with the times

In advance


Partial / Final results
The project enabled the construction of a parametric model for calculating the carbon footprint of a fuel system. The life cycle analysis was carried out on 4 products and the results were shared internally and communicated to the customers concerned.
Company's comments
The calculator can be configured according to 4 criteria and allows us to discuss with our customers possible strategies for reducing the carbon footprint and recycling fuel systems.

The advantage of the tool is to allow a quick estimate of the carbon footprint, to compare different solutions. It is a flexible and free tool that allows easy and quick handling and contributes to the eco-design of products.

The tool was developed with a working group including different fuel tank manufacturers, which allows consistency of the data presented to manufacturers.

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