Concrete commitments of large companies for circular economy

A wide range of commitments implemented by AFEP's large companies to move towards a new sustainable production model.

The Ambition 4 Circularity initiative, supported by AFEP, reflects the growing commitment of major French companies to move towards a more sustainable production model. These commitments, some of which have been set up since 2017, are presented in a factual and detailed manner and are intended to be ambitious, and varied in their sector.

They primarily involve the company’s internal stakeholders, but also its suppliers, partners and customers. All the levers of circular economy are mobilized in these different commitments, from the supply of sustainable resources, necessary for the company’s activity, to the repair and recycling of the end product. In order to ensure reliable and up-to-date information, an annual monitoring of all commitments has been carried out since 2018. 

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